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There is something about customising your smartphone that just gets you hooked. And the best way to customise is to use a launcher. I have been a person who customises Android devices for quite some time and I have selected a few launchers that I use frequently. Well, this post is my opinion and let’s get this show on the road.

Nova Launcher, the ‘Chameleon Launcher’ as I like to call it, is all about customising. With one launcher you can make your phone look like an iPhone one day and a Google Pixel, the other day. It focuses on changing practically everything from the launcher background to icon size. All of that are definitely good but here is the tragic flaw of the Nova Launcher – with more customising, innovation seems to decline as it makes us try to copy the next big Flagship phone launcher. Another concern is that that those who have no clue what they are doing, will spend hours on YouTube trying to get head or tails of what they have to do.

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Next up The Smart Launcher 3. Now this is a launcher for all you simple folks, who want simplicity in their smartphones, and Smart Launcher is as simple as they can get, but don’t think for a moment that they compromise functionality. But that in itself becomes the whole problem, as most people find it too basic and simple.


Then there is Arrow Launcher. “Arrow Launcher is a launcher from Microsoft and was originated from Microsoft Garage, a platform for their employees to work on projects which differ from the company’s broad perspective”, these are words from our Administrator Vishal who personally used Arrow Launcher. I have spent much time on his smartphone and I must say it takes efficiency to another level. The huge flaw in this Launcher is that it’s too battery consuming also it’s a bit cramped with Microsoft features.

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Then there’s the Zen UI Launcher which is basically a Launcher with all the features of an Asus Smartphone. This is great for those who had an Asus phone and want to stick to that. But it’s not exactly great for others as it’s in my eyes just a Launcher with a passable grade. Also it’s kinda slow compared to other Launchers.


Finally comes the worst of them all The Google Now Launcher, which is just a cheap imitation that reaches nowhere near the true thing, that’s the Google Pixel. There is nothing ‘good’ about this app, you can realise it’s so bad it can’t even be called a Launcher but an “APP”. It has no widget support and clearly they were short on time when they were creating  this App.

Maybe these launchers will get improved in course of time. For now, we may try to stick on to Nova/Arrow/Smart Launcher. Innovation is definitely a part in this sectors. There may be a lot of launchers that I have left out, but we are always open minded to suggestions and your opinion, so do comment on what you think.




Five things you should know about Nintendo Switch

5 things you should know about Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is one of the trending gadgets discussed around the globe. The handheld gaming console was released on March 3rd 2017. The last handheld device from Nintendo was Nintendo 3DS and Switch is expected to be way more advanced than it. How advanced is this product?


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OnePlus 5 Review 2017

OnePlus 5 Review

OnePlus 5 is unarguably one of the best smartphones available in the market. But we hear that it is not quite a flagship killer when compared to its predecessor. Packed with Snapdragon 835, it is lightning-quick to respond. These are the specs of One Plus 5.


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Pokémon GO Review 2017 ???

A revolutionary franchise in a modernistic outlook

Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game released in July 2016 was an instant success in the gaming industry. The success of the game was largely contributed by the fans of the original series. Their interest solely lies in the nostalgia, one get when playing Pokémon Go.


In order to understand why this game is so popular, we installed Pokémon Go in an Android device in 2017. Even though we had an account created in 2016, when it first launched, we didn’t delve into it.

We launched the installed Pokémon Go to find that the trainer level was just two. Since it doesn’t make much of a difference in our analysis, we started our three-day journey with the innovative game. Fundamentally, the game interface is excellent with the Niantic logo while starting the game. The trainer avatar is good but with very little customisation options to fiddle with. The main objective of this game as everyone knows is to catch Pokémon.

One of the disappointing features is the lack of progress in-game when the trainer is stationary.



We are not the ideal people who travel and roam through the streets to visit PokeStops and Pokémon Gyms. It was quite embarrassing for us to take an Android device and check the screen as soon as we reach a Pokémon Go destination. In addition to the embarrassment, some Pokémon Gyms are not accessible, as they are located inside institutions.The game could have been far better, if they made the hatching of the Pokémon eggs by giving a certain time period rather than endless walking. It would have been nice to see if one could play Pokémon Go offline, at least some features like training or egg hatching something to keep us invested.

Pokémon Go has a serious battery 🔋 draining issue, which is expected as the game uses precise GPS location and mobile data to function.

Next on the list was to visit PokeStops and Gyms. There were four PokeStops and Pokémon Gyms nearby. Having visited two of them, where we could only scarcely collect  resources like Pokeballs (which unnecessarily break even when catching a low-level Pokémon), potion, berry etc.

One can get experience (+XP) for catching Pokémon, visiting Gyms and PokeStops. By day two, we reached level seven and there was a Pokémon raid active in the city. Unluckily it was Lugia, the legendary one. We reached the Gym took our first Pokémon fight (My highest Pokémon CP was 94) whereas Lugia was above 12,000 CP. Not a single soul was there to play the game and enter the raid. We were utterly defeated and almost all my pokémon had to be revived.

The addition of a in-game medical facility would have being helpful.


We expected some kind of ultra rare Pokémon even after the defeat. Players have a chance of obtaining rare pokémon when they defeat a pokémon at a Gym. But those who were defeated made an effort and it had to be rewarded. But sadly, we had to walk two kilometres back to our starting point. It was our fault to conduct a Pokémon raid at the level we were but Lugia was a legendary pokémon, and people expect the area packed with Pokémon.

giphy (3)

On our journey back, we posted two Pokémon in the nearby friendly gyms –  Pikachu (79) & Staryu (90). We also used lure and incense to capture some low CP pokemon and the highest was CP 395.

The third and final day was pretty straight forward and the two warriors returned as the two gyms were captured by trainers of levels 25 and 35. The highest level Pokémon obtained (444 CP) during the hatching of an egg (5kms). Later in the day, we sat near a PokeStop and gathered stuff like ten times. At night, we gladly uninstalled the game.

giphy (1)We had a certain urge to reinstall the tiring game. It takes a lot of effort to survive in the game for a novice in 2017. Nostalgia alone may make you play this game but this is more suited for travellers and explorers. Share us your experience and views about Pokemon Go, is it worth playing in 2017?


Reasons Why I still blog in Blogger even though it’s dying

Blogger vs WordPress

Reasons Why I still blog in Blogger even though it’s dying Blogger is one of the first blogging platform that came to existence in 1999 and was acquired by Google in 2003. Started during the dot-com bubble, It was a huge moment for the Internet users.

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App Nation at WordPress

Back to WordPress

We, the team behind App Nation would like to announce that a WordPress blog is launched. Our blog at Blogger.com was created almost six months ago and hasn’t received the expected SEO. It’s not about people reading but the satisfaction, a blogger gets is more important.


Apps/Applications in Smartphones are becoming an integral part of our day to day life. App Nation is a website which finds you the best apps available for Windows, iOS and Android (definitely). We would like to collect responses and suggestions to review the best apps and smartphones. You might wonder that it is not probably worth it. But we hope to provide the audience with the best innovative and easy-to-use apps.

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